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Blowjobs are always exciting but the best blowjobs are when a woman is willing to gag fuck your dick with her throat and choke on your cock until you cum in her mouth! The GagAndChoke website is updated every week with brand new oral sex sluts and hungry cum suckers so bookmark this beautiful free porn website and find your favorite pornstars swallowing cum, leaking saliva and smiling the whole time in HD gag porn blowjob videos that will get you off and have you wanting to choke out a fresh batch of ball juice for some of the worlds most beautiful rough sex playmates!

The Tiny Slut With The Monster Throat

The Tiny Slut With The Monster ThroatSometimes petite chicks show up to Throated and talk a lot of smack about how they can deep throat, only to find out they are terrible at sucking dick. Courtney Simpson couldn't stop bragging about her ability to inhale any sized penis so they were instantly skeptical.

All that tough talking finally ended and Courtney started to work her magic. It turns out she was right. For a girl that weighs 90 pounds this gag whore really can deep throat enormous cocks. They were so stunned they cannot wait to have her return!

This Scene Might Be Why Regan Retired

This Scene Might Be Why Regan RetiredRegan Anthony was on a fast-track to porn star status when the guys at Throated invited her to appear on their site. She got down on her knees, put her hands behind her back and let the cock work her throat like it was drilling for oil. Regan starts to choke and like a good gag whore keeps going, even while she is choking! The only noise you hear from Regan is her coming up for air, only to go back down again!

After filming this scene Regan knew she could not possibly film a better shoot and decided to get into real estate instead.

Jessica Right

Jessica RightEverything's right about the beautiful brunette Jessica Right from her lovely face to her all natural boobs and her pierced naval but what's most impressive is her ability to give a no gag hummer then swallow the guys creampie. In her hardcore porn scene, It's a Big Black Thing she and her best friend takes on a black guys dick and while you're watching them get their nicely shaved moist pussy stretched out of shape they are letting those titties swing like they were hooked to a grandfather clock.
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